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Why Thai Manpower ? - March 8th, 2013

Skills Our Thai workers are skilled in all fields of works. Foreign employers who have previously hired Thai manpower are satisfied with its skills and discipline. It is common to see foreign employers moving to other countries to undertake new contracts bringing their Thai workers. Wages Thai workers are willing to receive reasonable wages and are competitive compared to wages for similar manpower of other countries.The Ministry of Labor has been following the situation in the foreign labor market and is adjusting wages and welfare benefits of Thai employees to suit foreign labor conditions. Patience and Responsibilities One of the reasons of the popularity of Thai manpower is its patience and responsibility. Working with Thai labor will lead to very few problems as Thai employees view their overseas assignment as important and they tend to give their best in order to obtain fair remuneration. Social Implications Thai workers accept overseas assignment in order to earn a nest egg which will allow them to have a better quality of life while returning to their home country. Indeed, once their contractexpires, they will make it a point to return to Thailand and they will not attempt to settle down and thus causing social problems. Thai workers also remain neutral in politics or other matters not related to their work.They always observe cultural and religious practices in the host country and they always obey to superior instructions and follow rules and regulations of the employers.

March 9th,2013

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