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Details of our services Our services include provision and selection of personnel together with documentation services for dispatching the manpower from Thailand  to work outside the country. We also provide  the manpower’s training for skill development and skill testing,  knowledge gaining training course including the preparation the readiness of worker prior to leaving for overseas work in order to understand local regulations , Basic Safety orientation , cultural system including law and working under legislations and regulations in each country. Our services sometimes involve with the sub-contract in the rate of  sub-contract in each  project and canteen management for construction site. Scope of Services Our company perform following services for the Client as: 1) After receipt of Demand order from the Client,  Our company shall recruit qualified applicants and have said applicants ready to be interviewed and /or tested by the Client but in case Client cannot make the final selection and Client request   Our company  to make such selection in writing,  Our company will make the final selection asper specifications given by the Client. 2) The number required for each trade as started in the Demand order. Our Company recognizes that time is the essence and agrees to complete the recruitment of qualified applicants as per schedule or notice requested by the Client. 3) Our Company shall recruit qualified who are able to perform their job duties. Our company shall provide Materials, tools and equipment which shall be suitable for each Job trade test as required by the Client  and the Client shall pay for the actual cost of test materials in case of high qualified technician such as TIG – Welder. 4) Medical examination and inoculation for the workers selected by the Client shall be undertaken by a Medical Center, authorized by the Embassy of the host country. 5) Arranging and obtaining passport for the workers selected finally by the Client (hereinafter called “Workers”). 6) Visa processing in the country of recruitment. 7) Exit processing in the country of recruitment. 8) Arrangement of the travel for the worker to the country of employment and pre- departure orientation/ Basic Safety Course / Oversea works local regulation & laws briefing. Our Company Liabilities  1) Our company shall insure that workers are suitable and medically fit for the work during the probation period. 2) Our Company shall be responsible for dispatching all workers according to the schedule or notice requested by the Client. 3) Our Company will keep monitoring and responsibilities towards both our clients and workers until completion of the contract.